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Chakra Healing Candle ā€¢ Meditation Kit

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    • 8 oz - 100% soy wax with slow & low burning wood wicks.
    • Handmade
    • Materials: Wax type: Soy
    • Width: 4 inches
    • Height: 3 inch

Included in this experience you will receive your chosen candle along with a mediation guide to hep you incorporate into your daily mediations, on the back on this you will find a place to write your daily affirmations down to help keep them present in our minds. On Another insert is your chakra vibration sounds to help you tap in and open those chakra's to begin your healing mediation session.

Your kit will also include a small glass vile and cord to create yourself a necklace with your crystals in your candles. Once your candle is completely burned and you can collect and clean your crystals. You can now continue your healing journey while wearing your crystals.

You can have Comfort & Style!

Great quality & hella soft too!